Email Archive Solutions for Small Business

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Email archiving is very important today for small business too. Not only do state and federal legislation and industry regulations mandate data to be stored for long periods of time, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has implemented additional provisions for organizations that cover email retention. These email requirements are better met by using an email archiving solution, although many small businesses do rely on email backups for long-term email storage.

Email Archive Solutions for Small Business

Are Email Backups and Email Archives the Same?


Both email backup and email archive have the same purpose of storing emails. Both these methods are used to save emails in a server so that they can be easily accessed when required. However, there are major variations between the email backup and the email archive that have become much more relevant since the implementation of the GDPR.


Emails may need to be retrieved for a number of reasons: valuable emails are lost, mailboxes are compromised, emails need to be replicated for audit, legal discovery, or if a customer exercises his right to be forgotten under the GDPR.


Backups are very important but they are far from ideal for several of the reasons that are stated above. If you have an email backup then you can easily recover email data in the event of a loss if a mailbox has been compromised. For example, if any malware or virus attack files or due to any hardware failure you lose your data. In such situations, email backups allow the email system to be easily restored to the point of backup.


Top Email Archive Solutions For Small Businesses 2020


1.    Threads

Threads is a highly intuitive collaborative inbox framework that allows you to connect to any email system that you are currently using. You can easily store all the emails securely in the cloud.


2.    Dropsuite


This platform is 100% cloud based email archiving software system. You can easily store existing emails backup on it from your G suite Gmail, cloud based email archiving etc. You can easily search for your emails and access old emails whenever you need.


3.    MailStore Server


Any small business can easily run a free version of it that requires you to run back up manually. MailStore creates a 1:1 copy of all emails that you can store for any number of years. The best part of it is that it supports all email systems and archiving methods.