Email Archiving Solutions Comparison

With growing digital work, capturing, processing, and preserving one’s data becomes a major issue; therefore, the need to store emails increases. Compliance with and enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that counter-measures must be taken to prevent unauthorized damage, loss or modification of private information.

There are many ways of an Email archiving and these can be hardware, software, and hybrid and cloud-based as it depends on individual specific features and these are explained below:-

Archiving Your Emails

Hardware Email Archiving Solutions

It was first developed in 2004 and it is also known as appliance solutions as all the E-mails get easily stored electronically in disks and arrays. There is limitation of hardware email archiving because if the hardware gets damage, lost or stolen then the data will get destroyed.

Software Email Archiving Solutions

Users are required to install software or a link on a DVD to install the archive. They can also buy software licenses such as databases like Microsoft SQL, operating system etc. along with other hardware platform. However there are chances of malware attack that can corrupt these E-mail archiving solutions.

Hybrid Email Archiving Solutions

This is a type of email archiving solution that is a combination of hardware or software solution and it can be either on site or a cloud based solution. The data stored on it can be a copy of the current or historical data.

Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions

All of the above email archiving solutions has some data maintenance restriction but cloud based email arching solutions are best. Unlike other where there are storage limitations and businesses have to buy more storage space, reassign space, or migrate data to other servers etc, cloud based email archiving can be viable alternative to these. Emails can be easily searched on secure cloud environment and they are continuously backed up and are virus scanned.


The aim of email archiving software is to securely store and archive the email message sent or received on the email server. Users have easy access to these and they can easily access them from anywhere and anytime. With detailed archiving solution comparisons you can easily choose the most suitable option to go for as per your requirements and preferred features.

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