How DNS filtering works and why businesses need it

Domain name system or DNS is the heart of the internet. Its servers connect URL names that we humans can read to a unique internet protocol (IP) language that web browser can understand. The language, the language of the IP addresses, is a string of digits such as Since it would be a pain to memorize these digits for each of the places you visit, DNS converts them into common names that you recognize.

How DNS filtering works

How DNS filtering works?

There are lot of threats of cyber attacks which could lead to your bank account hacking, other can be like confidential details being compromised or even your accounts being hijacked. Other than this there are malware that can prohibit your from accessing your data (unless you have backups or pay for ransom).

There are attempts of making websites that look similar to any legitimate website so that your personal login details can hijacked. This makes it difficult to work in a cyber world as most of the work today is done through it. Here DNS is very handy as its filters allow web to be filtered without having purchase any hardware or install any software.

DNS filtering help in removing malware or malicious software out of the business networks and its user’s devices. With DNS filtering you can also block any kind of phishing attacks.  When you try to open any website, a request is sent to DNS server that checks the IP address if the website exists and compare it with a list of malicious sites. DNS blockage happens when a specific website or IP address is considered to be malicious. After checking the website is loaded and it only takes fractions of seconds to do it.

Why is DNS Filtering for Businesses so Important?

There are several reasons why businesses need DNS filtering and few of these are as follows:-

  • Security

DNS filtration helps businesses in stopping cyber attacks on their network. It prevents domains and resources from ever being accessed on your network.

  • Bandwidth: Restored

If your staff is browsing any content that needs large amount of bandwidth, such as HD videos, your bandwidth will suffer and the network access will be automatically lowered which can affect the work of your productive employees. With DNS you can easily filter the content in your business network allowing higher percentage of available bandwidth.

  • Liability issues

It has been observed that employees uses many other websites on business network when are on working hours which lower their work productivity. Filtering content may prevent this form of content from accessing your business network.

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